about geekydad

I’m a geek, an engineer, and a dad. These pages are some of the things that come about because of one or more of those attributes. 🙂

I changed from “geek dad” to “geeky dad” for these subpages; turns out, there’s already an awesome GeekDad.com blog, which I don’t want name-confusion with. There’s a geekydad.net, but it hasn’t been active for more than a year, so I won’t bother avoiding name-confusion. Especially since I’m not trying for the domain name, just a header for these pages. 🙂

My wife homeschools our children, and she does the teaching. Sometimes she waits for Saturday morning to do the science experiments, so I can participate. And sometimes, because of a kids book they’ve read, or an idea I’ve had, I get to teach them some mathematical or scientific principal, or I come up with an experiment or demonstration (depending on the complexity or danger levels – sometimes, I get a bit too mythbustery for them to safely help).

sometimes, I just think about odd science or technology. My wife has caught me multiple times using my kids’ magna doodle, whiteboard, or chalkboard to work out some physics or stoichiometric equations … and that’s just what she’s noticed. 🙂

converting to automated blog

I’ve given in to the dark side: I have converted the blog-like portion of my site to blog software.  Spending so much time with raw HTML, rather than on the content of the posts, was getting old and tedious.  I watched with jealousy as my wife quickly got her new structure for joneschristy.com up and running, and looking great (though it was fun for me to get the various plugins installed to help her automate some of the stuff I watched her do manually, even in the tool).

Since I’ve been able to make most of my nifty features (AsciiMathML equations and MathJax graphs) work embedded, it seems silly not to convert.  I’ve started moving my old entries over to the new tool, but it will take some time to move them all.  In the meantime, I’ve moved the old static-HTML page URLs from /geekydad/ over to /extrageeky/.