Some time ago, I tried coming up with my own water-drop/ripple simulation for making a small animated-gif background (akin to the moving backgrounds, like clouds, ocean breakers, etc, that are so popular as church lyric-projector backgrounds right now). Basically, I had a sinusoidish curve, decaying with radius and time; I simulated a dozen or so of these drips, usually centered off-picture, and added the curves; it made for some nice randomish moving water-surface. (Sorry, I cannot find where I put it for now.)

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bottomless pit: ultimate bungee

So a radio host’s silly quiz game had the failing caller “fall into a bottomless chasm” or some such phrasing. That got me thinking: it’s bottomless, so there is nothing downwards from it; but if it’s truly bottomless, you’d go through the center of the earth, at which point you could hit a “ceiling” at a rather high speed, since you’d be going upwards at this point. But if there were no ceiling, that would be like ultimate bungee! Continue reading bottomless pit: ultimate bungee